Kids full of energy and vitality.

    Propolis is also a natural remedy for kids, mixed with phytotherapy, vitamins, minerals and trace elements; like syrups for kids, drops and vials with straws which have pleasant taste.

    Aprolis-kids provides you a large range special for kids, which can be used on seasonal changes in order to strengthen their natural defenses and help to reduce cold and seasonal change effects. Thay have a soft, balsamic effect which improve their natural well-being. The best vitamins for the youngest members of the family!


    Propolis is a resinous, rubbery mixture produced by bees by gathering rubber and resin of different plants and tree buds. After the harvest, they transform it and elaborate a substance called propolis.

    The content or concentration of TOTAL FLAVONOIDS is going to be the one which will mark the propolis quality, as its efficacy is directly related to that concentration, setting up this way a propolis indicator of quality and purity.

Formulas in synergy
Dosage for children
Protection for winter and seasonal changes