Aprolis® makes it easy: high quality propolis and bioflavonoids concentration.

    Here you will find the best natural remedies obtained from propolis, which strengthen your natural defenses.

    Treatments which are adapted to any need (propolis spray, drops, capsules, specific syrups for the respiratory system, propolis tablets, effervescent propolis, royal jelly, medicinal plants and phytotherapy. Herbal formulas based on home remedies which are elaborated with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, aromatherapy and gemmotherapy; all them made to strengthen and increase your defenses, face up winter season and provide a better adaptation to seasonal changes.  


    Propolis is a resinous, rubbery mixture produced by bees by gathering rubber and resin of different plants and tree buds. After the harvest, they transform it and elaborate a substance called Propolis.

    The content or concentration of TOTAL FLAVONOIDS is going to be the one which will mark the propolis quality, as its efficacy is directly related to that concentration, setting up this way a propolis indicator of quality and purity.

Formulas in synergy
Global action
Protection for winter and seasonal changes