• Improve your mobility

    There are 360 joints in a human body and their optimum status depends on genetic, heritage, alimentation, foods, environment, habits etc. Although that, prevention will always be the best tool in order to care about joints health.

    Pick healthy habits such as sport, weight control, muscle strength or use of proper shoes.

    You should add food supplements and natural treatments to your diet in order to strengthen joints, hereby in Dieteticos Intersa we have a large range of natural products which help you mantain your joints healthy.


    There are muscle or joints aches which may appear when we practice sport or physical effort in job tasks. These discomforts are usually manifested on the back, neck, low back pain, contractures, tendinitis, bumps, shoulders etc. In the worst case, may occur alterations as arthritis, fibromyalgia, sciatica, gote, osteoporosis, among other.

    It is always difficult treating these discomforts, since normally we continue carrying out the same daily activities, either by pleasure or necessity. This is why we have developed natural treatments in order to alleviate muscle and joints aches, relax your muscles and make you be able to move freely.

    If you suffer from some of these discomforts, you can restore your body mobility by using these natural remedies as calming pills or relaxing balsam.

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