• Who said old?

    We are increasingly aware on our health; this fact along with medicine advances lead to a better quality of life and extended longevity. For this reason, there are made further efforts in order to guarantee an energetic, balanced and healthy life for elderly people. Caring of emotional well-being is the mainstay of carrying a healthy lifestyle.

    Aging actively involves participating and finding a meaning for what we do. It also has many positive positive aspects, like wisdom, calm, maturity and life experience.

    An unhealthy emotional condition can lead to bad tension. In Dietéticos Intersa we bet on the elaboration of organic products taking care of tension and maintaining tranquility.

    The synergy confirmed by virgin oils, with omega 3-6-9 properties, pumpkin seed oil, among many other, provide a general well-being.

  • Improving tension in adults

    Blood pressure is the strength of your blood pushing against the sides of your blood vessels. Having high blood pressure (HBP) means that the blood pressure is higher that it should be, which is also called Hypertension. Further checking how is your pressure and keeping it under regular review, you should also consider your natural allies in order to reduce it.

    We elaborate natural products, which bring an excellent combination of plant extracts, buds and essential oils suitable to regulate the high blood pressure ranges.


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