• Woman, source of life

    Dietéticos Intersa has developed a line for women care in all their life stages. From the most intimate ones like menopause, perimenopause, its symptoms and treatments, to the lost of those extra pounds.

    The elaboration of our products for women care is based on the combination of specific natural ingredients in order to regulate menstrual disturbances, starting from women child-bearing age to menstruation beginning and ending.

  • Forever young

    Feeling younger starts with a smile. Be young is about looking younger and feeling good on the inside.

    Practicing exercise is one of the easiest way in order to feel younger, two more if this habit is combined with a healthy diet and behaviour, such as taking necessary time for rest and sleep, as well as avoiding stress situations where possible.

    Regarding woman external look, we elaborate natural remedies which help reduce abdominal fat by using creams and massage oils, which contribute on getting a flat belly in a quick and natural way.

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