Some food supplements based on medicinal plants can help you strengthen connective issue, which surrounds the venous system and also contribute to reduce the capillary absorbency decreasing water retention in legs. Adequated phytotherapy highlights: horse chestnut, leaves and flowers of hawthorn, juice of sea buckthorn fruits, red grape extract, blueberries, witch hazel, ginkgo biloba… These plants highlight due to their venotonic and protective properties. It is also important an appropiate contribution of Rutin, which is a bioflavonoid we can find in buckwheat extract, which will help you strengthen capillary circulation and prevent the spider veins nor broken capillaries, which normally appear on legs.

    Care your circulation by using aromatherapy

    Refreshing and decongestive bath with cypress:

    Prepair a big washbowl, where you can fit your legs, introduce enough cold water then add 5 to 10 ice cubes and 6 essential cypress oil drops. Once that is done, stir with a spoon and let legs soak between 10 to 20 minutes.

  • How to improve legs circulation and avoid heavy legs

    When women get to a certain age, they suffer from circulatory problems which affect them by making their legs feel more exhausted due to heaviness.

    These circulatory problems increase water retention probability, inflating tissues due to toxin presence and unletting blood vessels flow normally.

    It is recommended follow a healthy diet in order to avoid overweight problems. By using natural remedies, Dieteticos Intersa help you combat these heavy legs symptoms by merging the properties of natural ingredients, which help collagen form normally in order to get a proper blood vessel functioning and relieve heavy legs.

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