Attention is being able to focus in what is important and do not distract from what does not matter. Lack of attention can difficult conversations, hard working or make simply things as cooking or driving being insecure. There are food supplements which help us have a better attention.


    Nowadays, kids have in their power infinite leisures and entertainment: television, videogames, internet etc… We could almost say that they are overstimulated. This brings lot of positive aspects such as early development of senses. However, it also brings negative consequences among we could point up lack of concentration in more serious activities.

    Concentration is necessary in the development and learning process of any person, as it is the key of success to reach all the aims we could have. A kid can not automatically concentrate, so he must work and develop different capacities and habilities in order to reach concentration. This is why is necessary to help our children to learn how to concentrate from an early age.

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