• What is stress?

    Stress is a factor which trigger particular biological response. When a danger or an important challenge is noticed, chemical substances and hormones appear all over the body,

    Stress activates its fight-escape response in order to combat the stress factor or escape from it. Normally, after this happens, body must relax. Too much constant stress may have long-term negative effects on your health.


    Stress is not necessary something bad. In fact, is what helped our hunter-gatherer ancestors to survive and it is still important in modern society. It can be healthy when helps you to avoid accidents, complying with some terms or keep your wits in the midst of chaos.

    We all feel stressed sometimes, but is not the same for everybody, nor does everyone experience stress in the same way. An example would be public speaking: some people feels excited about that and others feel paralyzed at the very thought of it.

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